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Working with genuine gemstones ensures that each individual piece of jewellery is unique as no genuine gemstone is ever the same as another.

There are several different categories ranging from the precious stones such as Diamond, Chrome Diopside and Ruby, through to the more common yet equally as beautiful Agate and Quartz to iron ores such as Haematite and resins such as Amber.

Whilst it is obvious that they all have different hues all have their own unique properties which influence how a piece is constructed. For example, Fluorite has beautiful soft rainbow colours but is particularly soft so it is better to construct a fluorite piece with soft metals so as to not damage the stones.

In addition to their optical and physical properties, gemstones have a wealth of lore associated with them, with gemstones said to promote certain characteristics within the wearer.

Whether you believe the lore or not, this is a fascinating subject and as such I have listed a number of the gemstones that I use with their optical, physical and meta-physical properties as well a couple of charts detailing the stones more commonly associated with borth months and the Zodiac.

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